EnlighterJS是一个功能强大的前端代码高亮插件,支持40多种语言,有12个优雅的主题。初始化设置EnlighterJS.init('pre', 'code');丰富的参数配置EnlighterJS.init('pre', 'code',{ // default code indentation indent: 4, // & to & ampersandCleanup: true, // enable line hover highlighting linehover: true, // show linenumbers linenumbers: true, // copy css classes from origin element to outer wrapper retainCssClasses: false, // additional css classes added to outer wrapper cssClasses: '', // top outer toolbar toolbarOuter: '{BTN_TABS}', // header toolbar toolbarTop: '{BTN_RAW}{BTN_COPY}{BTN_WINDOW}{BTN_WEBSITE}', // footer toolbar toolbarBottom: '{BTN_COLLAPSE}', // no line offset lineoffset: 0, // no special line highlighting highlight: '', // default layout layout: 'standard', // or 'scroll textOverflow: 'break', // enable collapse / vertical scroll collapse: false, // default language language: 'generic', // default title title: '' /* Enlighter (enlighter, standard) - Enlighter`s default Theme Classic (classic) - SyntaxHighlighter inspired Bootstrap (bootstrap4) - Bootstrap 4 inpired themes, high contrast Beyond (beyond) - BeyondTechnology Theme Godzilla (godzilla) - A MDN inspired Theme Eclipse (eclipse) - Eclipse inspired MooTwo (mootwo) - Inspired by the MooTools Website Droide (droide) - Modern, minimalistic Minimal (minimal) - Bright, High contrast Atomic (atomic) - Dark, Colorful Dracula (dracula) - Dark, using official draculatheme colorscheme Rowhammer (rowhammer) - Light, Transparent, divided rows */ theme: 'enlighter', // show raw code on double click rawcodeDbclick: false });


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